Assessments can offer greater insight into personalities and behaviors. As in medicine, where various diagnostic tools can be used, the same is true with using assessments in business and personal development.

Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. It has helped both academic and business organizations develop the brightest talent and has guided thousands of individuals—from high school and college students to mid career workers seeking a change—in their search for a rich and fulfilling career.

Courtesy: CPP, Inc.

Why It’s Popular

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is a trusted tool because it is:

  • Empirically based
  • Underpinned by rigorous science and research
  • Regularly updated to reflect changes in today’s world of work
  • Backed by excellent support and guidance through CPP’s global distributor network

How It Helps

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is ideal for a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Choosing a college major—helps students uncover their career interests and identify which areas of study are appropriate or required for a particular field
  • Career exploration—opens up the world of work to first-time career seekers and those considering career transition by identifying their interests and demonstrating how they relate to various occupations and careers
  • Career development—helps heighten individuals’ self-awareness and provide deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots, including work style and risk-taking orientation
  • Employee engagement—helps employees align their interests with areas of responsibility in their job that reflect those interests
  • Reintegration—helps individuals navigate the reintroduction process after a period of disconnection

Courtesy: CPP, Inc.

DISC Profile Assessment
(One of the most widely known and used assessments)

I partner with Assessments 24×7 to offer the DISC online assessment as a resource for all types of individuals and organizations. DISC teaches users powerful behavioral profiling skills, which can directly improve performance and increase productivity in a variety of settings and professional frameworks. Learn to positively persuade other people and drive sales, build “A” teams for special projects, improve hiring & selection, empower management and much more.

• Benchmarking & Comparison – Compare new applicants to desirable job-performance benchmarks.

• Career Development – Any business professional, All experience levels

• Professional Coaching Entry – level to mid-level professional Performance Coaching No specific audience, ideal for sales and business development professionals

• Career Management – By combining DISC’s behavioral analysis with the Federal Government’s comprehensive O*Net Job Codes, the DISC Career Management report matches each individual’s behavioral style with specific occupations necessitating the same traits.

• Change Management – Learn behaviors for transforming resistance into receptivity.

• Conflict Resolution – Bring clarity and understanding to otherwise disparate behavioral styles.

• Customer Service – Teach administrative and customer support teams how to dependably provide stellar service and interaction regardless of behavioral style.

• Hiring & Selection – The right person in the right job is priceless. The wrong person is an expensive nightmare waiting to happen. DISC provides the cornerstone for many of our hiring and selection assessments.

• Leadership Development – Empower your organization’s managers with the ability to get the most out of their teams.

• Sales Training – Drive revenue by teaching even the most novice or experienced sales professionals the keys to identifying and harnessing identifiable behaviors in their prospects.

• Teambuilding – Know who fits with whom in advance. Create your teams based on compatible skills and traits, not just generic ideas of balance.

• Career Matching – Match employees’ natural strengths with job responsibilities that best optimize their inherent value to the company.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i™ and EQ 360™ )

The EQ-i™ is ideal for business environments where developing effective communication between individuals, teams, and the entire organization is crucial to success. The EQ-360™ identifies key employee strengths and impediments to high performance that could be improved. The assessment process can also be used as a follow-up to formal coaching and to measure progress. Talent selection should not be made using EQ-i ™ alone, but can provide an additional resource in the process. The EQ-360™ is often used with high potentials that are in the leadership pipeline.

Courtesy: Multi-Health Systems, Inc.

  • Leadership development
  • Individual development
  • Organizational development
  • High potential identification
  • Team effectiveness
  • Succession planning initiatives
  • Executive and general coaching
  • Performance management
  • Student development (higher education)

ABLE – Assessment of Basic Leader Effectiveness®

The ABLE (Assessment of Basic Leader Effectiveness) is a customized 360° assessment that accurately measures how well a leader uses nine leadership skills that are essential for leaders at all levels.

The ABLE measures skills that can be learned and improved, rather than personality traits or innate talents. The leader, the leader’s boss, direct reports and/or peers can complete the ABLE online in as few as10 minutes. Results are presented in clear, easy-to-read graphs with customized paragraphs that explain the meaning of the score and a Leader Effectiveness Action Plan (Action Plan) for future development.

Courtesy: High Performing Systems, Inc.

  • Performance measurement 
  • Individual/leadership development
  • Executive and general coaching
  • Organizational development
  • Designing training/coaching initiatives
  • Measuring training and coaching effectiveness

FIRO® Element B™ Assessment

FIRO® Element B™ is an excellent tool for group dynamics. People need to work together, and leaders need to manage the interpersonal issues that arise as a result. Element B™ reveals how a person prefers to interact with others, making it an ideal assessment for improving work relationships and team performance. 

Element B™ measures interpersonal behavior in three areas: Inclusion, Control and Openness. Element B™ provides the same information as the FIRO® plus twelve additional measures. Highly validated instrument to identify behavioral patterns, help people better understand their own and others’ behavior and create action plans.

Courtesy: High Performing Systems, Inc.

  • Group Dynamics
  • Individual, Leader and Team Development
  • Team Building
  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Compatible Team Design

ARSENAL Assessment™

Stress is a major factor in life, impacting people personally and professionally. Workplace performance and engagement can be impacting negatively when stress is not managed. Stress causes heart disease, high blood pressure, weight problems, poor performance, depression and more. Some stress is good, however, a person needs to be able to bounce back after periods of high stress.

ARSENAL can help manage stress, develop stress resilience and allow for better decision-making. It is based on the ARSENAL Model of seven best practices that are key to resisting the negative effects of stress. ARSENAL measures the overall level of stress as well as how well a person is currently doing in each of the seven areas.

Courtesy: High Performing Systems, Inc.

Benefits of the ARSENAL Assessment

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve overall health

  • Control emotions and stay calmer

  • Improve performance

  • Increase ability to tolerate stress

  • Make better decisions

  • Build new brain cells and Increase brain functioning

  • Reduce healthcare costs


  • Health and safety

  • Employee wellness programs

  • Leadership development

  • Individual development

  • Organizational development

  • Stress reduction initiatives

  • Performance management

HOGAN Assessments for Selection-Development-Leadership

As an authorized partner with Hogan Assessments, I am qualified to use the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.46.14 PMThe HPI was developed specifically for business applications, and identifies the personality characteristics that distinguish individuals and predict career success, making it a powerful tool that can be used throughout the employee lifecycle.

Source: Hogan Assessments

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.56.50 PMValues impact every aspect of peoples’ careers. The MVPI helps us understand what motivates people to succeed and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive, making it a powerful tool that can be used throughout the employee lifecycle.

Source: Hogan Assessments

Why Certification Matters

Not all assessments require certification. However, I have selected assessments that offer a wide range of benefits for my clients. I am authorized and certified to administer the following assessments.

Our Services

Executive Coaching  C-Suite, VPs and other Executive Level

Leadership Development  Anyone with leadership responsibilities, aspirations, and/or high potentials.

Career Development  Any business professional. All experience levels.

Professional Coaching  Entry-level to mid-level professional

Performance Coaching  No specific audience, ideal for sales and business development professionals

Customized talent development programs designed to achieve specific goal(s). Area of specialization: Business Development, Sales, and Marketing.

Assessments can offer greater insight into personalities and behaviors. Using assessments in business and personal development are helpful in understanding yourself and others.