The Candidate Experience & The Brand

  • Posted by hsgraham
  • On April 1, 2017

Branding is an important marketing topic. Some organizations invest heavily in a brand strategy that reaches many audiences, including the job seeker. A great brand attracts job candidates to an organization. As a marketer and HR professional, I have a unique perspective on this topic. The marketer side understands the importance of brand equity and the HR side values the role it plays in talent acquisition. Some organizations fail to make this connection. Other organizations offer poor candidate experiences, which cast a negative image. As a result, it harms the brand while turning away potential talent.

Over the years, I have heard candidates’ horror stories of bad encounters, which diminish the job seekers value of an organization. A few of these experiences were so negative that it impacted the candidate’s use of the products and services. Most job seekers desire an organization that aligns with their values and where a connection can be made to the culture. The candidate experience is an extension of the brand strategy. It expands beyond the talent acquisition strategy. Recruiters are often the first human contact a job seeker has with the brand. Having a marketing orientation is vital to recruiting, since they are brand representatives.

A negative candidate experience has a lasting impact. Talent acquisition influences brand equity. Designing a marketing-focused talent strategy can create positive candidate experiences. Collaboration between marketing and talent acquisition is beneficial in driving the strategy. Every encounter is exposure to the brand, so make it exceptional.