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Can You Really Reduce Turnover?

Conversations around reducing employee turnover, also known as talent retention, have been around since work began. Even though the topic is not new, the challenges facing employers and their approaches to reducing turnover is.  Generational attitudes about how long a person remains at one job has dramatically shifted. For decades, people identified a career or found a […]

Your Title Should Not Define You

Job titles serve a purpose. Titles identify roles and responsibilities within an organization. They should not define who you are. Many of my coaching clients have enjoyed successful careers, but they desire to make a change. Too often, my clients are defined by their title and this makes it harder for them to make the desired change.  For […]

Career Development & Talent Retention

In a recent study, conducted by the Work Institute, career development was identified as the top reason people leave or remain with organizations. In their study titled, 2017 Retention Report, 240,000 employees were interviewed about factors that were most influential in their decision to stay with or leave an organization. Lack of growth is a common reason […]